“Tenderness and candor” from the 5th Street Gym, says the New York Times

Books / Sunday Book Review View From the Corner By GORDON MARINO Published: April 18, 2010 A boxers’ doctor writes about the Miami Beach gym that nurtured Muhammad Ali and other world champions. Read the review: http://www.nytimes.com/2010/04/18/books/review/Marino-t.html


Ferdie Pacheco on “Weekend Edition”

National Public Radio's "Weekend Edition" host Scott Simon speaks with Dr. Ferdie Pacheco, author of Tales from the 5th Street Gym: Ali, the Dundees, and Miami's Golden Age of Boxing. The book tells the story of the Miami gym where Mohammad Ali, George Foreman, Sugar Ray Leonard, and other champion boxers trained. Listen to the … Continue reading Ferdie Pacheco on “Weekend Edition”