UPF Staffing Announcements

University Press of Florida (UPF) is pleased to announce the promotion of two staff members: Sonia Dickey and Rachel Doll. Sonia Dickey, who has been with UPF since 2011 as the rights and permissions manager, has been named acquisitions editor in the areas of historical archaeology and environmental studies. "From day one, Sonia made it … Continue reading UPF Staffing Announcements


Mermaid Tales: Bonnie Georgiadis (Ex-Mermaid) Guest Post

Born to Be a Mermaid by Bonnie Georgiadis Inspired by mythical sirens, the beloved Ariel,  and a yearning for the magical, mermaiding has become an occupation as well as a hobby. Those who have taken to the idea of becoming "real-life mermaids" are getting a lot of press. Linden Wolbert, profiled by the Daily Mail,  dons a … Continue reading Mermaid Tales: Bonnie Georgiadis (Ex-Mermaid) Guest Post

Uncensored: Jay A. Gertzman Guest Post

Censorship is an ongoing topic of debate affecting all forms of the media, and it has a lengthy, colorful history. Author  Jay A. Gertzman's book, Samuel Roth, Infamous Modernist, profiles a figurehead of censorship controversy during the height of modernism in America. Here, Gertzman provides his personal take on censorship and the issues surrounding it today. … Continue reading Uncensored: Jay A. Gertzman Guest Post