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Rethinking Colonialism

“Insightful. Challenges archaeologists to think deeply about how we study colonialism.”—Lee M. Panich, coeditor of Indigenous Landscapes and Spanish Missions: New Perspectives from Archaeology and Ethnohistory “Manages the rare feat of offering a range of detailed case studies that engage in a much broader comparative debate.”—Peter van Dommelen, coeditor of Rural Landscapes of the Punic World […]

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Florida Library Association

Check out some photos from our booth at the Florida Library Association annual conference! This past weekend in Orlando, librarians from all over the state visited our booth at the meeting and browsed our newest selection of books. Click the titles below the photos for more information on these books. Good Catch: Recipes and Stories Celebrating the […]

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Canaveral National Seashore exists today largely because of the work of Doris Leeper. Photo by Leslie Kemp Poole.

Intern Guest Post: Meet Some of the Leading Ladies of Saving Florida!

Marketing intern Jackie Joiner is majoring in advertising at the University of Florida. During her internship this spring at the University Press of Florida, Jackie got us started participating in #FirstLineFriday—a weekly look inside our newest books. (Follow us on Twitter or Facebook to join in!) . . Get to know some of the many environmentalists Leslie Kemp […]

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Bill Belleville Named Seminole County Artist of the Year

Bill Belleville, author of various books including the recent The Peace of Blue, has been named Seminole County Artist of the Year! The title is awarded by the Seminole County Board of County Commissioners, in association with the Seminole Cultural Arts Council, each year. It honors the local artist who has used their talent to enrich Seminole […]

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Cuban Revelations

NOW IN PAPERBACK “If you are reading any other book on Cuba right now, close it… The most informative, accurate, insightful, detailed account available on 21st century Cuba… This book is based on solid sources, first hand investigation, ‘behind the scenes’ access, and an understanding of Cuba and Cubans that is very, very rare.”—Havana Times […]

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April Review Roundup

Enjoy the highlights below from some of the reviews we received in April! . “It isn’t honey, it isn’t molasses, and it sure isn’t sugar. Sorghum syrup is a homegrown Southern sweetener in a class of its own,” says Garden & Gun, praising Ronni Lundy’s Sorghum’s Savor as “an equally deep look at the lengthy history of this versatile […]

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Author Guest Post: Creating the Sunshine Skyway Memorial

By Bill DeYoung, author of Skyway: The True Story of Tampa Bay’s Signature Bridge and the Man Who Brought It Down . . My research for Skyway took me to the Tampa Bay area many, many times. On an early trip—before I’d done the first interview—I went looking for a memorial, a monument, or even […]

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The War Worth Fighting

As celebrations mark the 150th anniversary of the Civil War, we are proud to present Stephen D. Engle’s The War Worth Fighting, a collection of essays offering new perspectives on Abraham Lincoln’s role as president and commander-in-chief. Abraham Lincoln led our nation through its bloodiest war, abolishing slavery, vindicating democracy, and creating a blueprint for reconstruction along the way. […]

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Gatorbytes Behind-the-Story: Building a Better Tomato

In April, the University of Florida and the University Press of Florida launched Gatorbytes, a digital book series following the innovative research taking place at UF. Intended to pique the interests of the intellectually curious and to share the stories behind the discoveries being made at UF, the books are written by professional journalists.  “They know how […]

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Saving Florida

Saving Florida gives long-overdue credit to female environmentalists The significant role of women in Florida’s environmental movement is brought to light by historian Leslie Kemp Poole in Saving Florida, which we are proudly publishing today. “Gives long-overdue recognition to the women who shaped the state’s environmental movement and saved Florida’s water, land, and quality of life […]

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