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Contrary Destinies

“Provides a wealth of information about the nature of American occupations in Haiti that can be useful to Latin American historians and political scientists interested in international relations between the United States and other countries in the region.”–Leslie G. Desmangles, author of The Faces of the Gods: Vodou and Roman Catholicism in Haiti “Unpacks the […]

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Intern Guest Post: Daring Dreamers

by Jordan Steckler, Marketing Intern Become acquainted with just a few of Florida’s female daring dreamers, all featured among dozens of other women in They Dared to Dream by Doris Weatherford with the Florida Commission on the Status of Women Foundation, Inc. In celebration of Women’s Equality Day, we’re running a discount on They Dared to […]

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St. Augustine 450th

Celebrate St. Augustine’s 450th Birthday with Great Reads and Events

St. Augustine will celebrate its 450th birthday over Labor Day weekend with fireworks, street parties, live entertainment, re-enactments and commemorative ceremonies. To add to these festivities, University Press of Florida recommends reading three books highlighting the unique and historical features of America’s Oldest City:  Hotel Ponce de Leon, Walking St. Augustine, and Mr. Flagler’s St. […]

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10 Books for Women’s Equality Day

Read about a medieval French writer, Latin American fiction writers, women of the African diaspora, southeastern archaeologists, environmental leaders, Florida’s only “Highwaywoman” painter, the first female head of the Seminole Tribe, and other extraordinary women. Use code WEQ15 at checkout for discount prices.

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The Ecology of Finnegans Wake

“A remarkable work in three areas: the field of ecocriticism, to which it contributes a huge amount of historical and bibliographic information; the practice of genetic criticism in Joyce studies; and the exploration of ecological interests, themes, allusions, arguments, and manifestations in Finnegans Wake.”–Margot Norris, editor of the Norton Critical Edition of Joyce’s Dubliners “A […]

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Photo by Bridget Burke

Intern Guest Post: The Skyway Bridge Memorial

Below, marketing intern Gabriel Vasquez-Peterson talks about the Skyway Bridge Memorial, its dedication ceremony, and the author who made the monument possible, Bill DeYoung. The Skyway Bridge Memorial by Gabriel Vasquez-Peterson On May 9, 1980, the 20,000-ton freighter “Summit Venture,” its pilot blinded by a sudden violent weather cell, crashed into a support pier of Tampa’s Skyway […]

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Unlikely Dissenters

“Stefani redefines the proverbial ‘southern lady’ with a close look at over fifty white, anti-racist women. Concentrating on traits that linked these women across two generations, Unlikely Dissenters provides the first comprehensive study of how these southern women both employed and destroyed a stereotype.”—Gail S. Murray, editor of Throwing Off the Cloak of Privilege “Presents […]

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Migration and Disruptions

“Artfully integrates scholarship on both past and present migration. With its thematic focus on disruption, this volume develops unprecedented nuance in the treatment of migration.”—Graciela S. Cabana, coeditor of Rethinking Anthropological Perspectives on Migration “A significant contribution to the social sciences. Migration and Disruptions demonstrates the importance of collaboration and constructive dialogues between the traditional […]

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The Archaeology of Gender in Historic America

“Essential reading in gender studies, The Archaeology of Gender in Historic America shows how historical archaeology has nuanced historiography-based understandings of American gender relations.”—Stacey Lynn Camp, author of The Archaeology of Citizenship “A powerful synthesis of gender-focused archaeological research. Rotman deftly shows that the study of place and material culture can reveal diverse experiences of […]

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New Books on Florida

Democracy Abroad, Lynching at Home: Racial Violence in Florida Tameka Bradley Hobbs . “Hobbs unearths four lynchings that are critical to the understanding of the origins of civil rights in Florida. The oral histories from the victims’ families and those in the communities make this a valuable contribution to African American, Florida, and civil rights […]

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