Norman Van Aken Talks Meringues

BY NORMAN VAN AKEN, AUTHOR OF NORMAN VAN AKEN’S FLORIDA KITCHEN A version of this article first appeared on Norman Van Aken’s WLRN program “A Word on Food.”   The most French expression of meringues in classical gastronomy might be “Ouefs a la Niege.” The translation is “eggs in snow” from the visual look of … Continue reading Norman Van Aken Talks Meringues


Machaut’s Legacy

"Machaut’s Legacy deepens our appreciation of the poet’s wide-ranging accomplishments and influences, which span from the Middle Ages to the postmodern era. It stakes out exciting new territories and provocative theses, all of which enhance our understanding of this genius of world literature."—Tison Pugh, author of Chaucer's (Anti-)Eroticisms and the Queer Middle Ages "This richly … Continue reading Machaut’s Legacy

A World View of Bioculturally Modified Teeth

“Brings together studies from diverse time periods and geographic regions to deliver a comprehensive biocultural treatment of dental modification. The volume amply documents the diversity of ways humans modify their teeth and the variety of reasons they may do so.”—Debbie Guatelli-Steinberg, author of What Teeth Reveal about Human Evolution Tooth modification is the longest-lasting type … Continue reading A World View of Bioculturally Modified Teeth

Reading the Bones

“This is the first volume to take such a comprehensive approach to this timely subject. It will make a wonderful reference book for those working on reconstructing past lifeways.”—Marie E. Danforth, University of Southern Mississippi “Provides key information on the underlying biology of activity patterns and abundant perspectives on the relevant literature. Reading the Bones will … Continue reading Reading the Bones

Awards Announcement: Our Authors’ Recent Wins

THE UNIVERSITY PRESS OF FLORIDA PROUDLY PRESENTS OUR MOST RECENT AWARD-WINNING TITLES AND AUTHORS!   The Powhatan Landscape: An Archaeological History of the Algonquian Chesapeake by Martin D. Gallivan has been awarded the Southern Anthropological Society James Mooney Award.     Black Well-Being: Health and Selfhood in Antebellum Black Literature by Andrea Stone won the Canadian Association for American … Continue reading Awards Announcement: Our Authors’ Recent Wins