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Voices of Civil Rights Lawyers

“One of the great, largely unknown stories of American history. This volume is a wonderfully evocative demonstration of something often discounted–how important law and lawyers were, and remain, in realizing the promise of full equality for all citizens.”—Kenneth W. Mack, author of Representing the Race “Filled with tales of ordinary people exhibiting extraordinary courage, Voices […]

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Slices of Paradise from the Backroads of Florida

This, I think, is what draws people here over and over again: the promise of Eden in bits and pieces. We don’t offer a singular type of paradise as one grand entrée; instead, you can find it in bite-size portions, discover it in slivers and slices around the state, each one situated so that the […]

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Weeki Wachee Mermaids

Weeki Wachee Mermaids: Thirty Years of Underwater Photography by Lu Vickers and Bonnie Georgiadis features rare vintage photographs, postcards, and publicity shots from the spring where famous mermaids—in actuality, highly trained swimmers and divers—performed underwater. Today, Burrow Press is featuring this excerpt of Weeki Wachee Mermaids as part of their Fantastic Floridas project. It features portions from Bonnie Georgiadis’s essay “What the Mermaid […]

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